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Mill Cove Travel Log
Extreme Jimmy Jib

   Mill Cove Video Productions also offers the Extreme Jimmy Jib, capable of expanding to 38 feet, placing the camera 30 feet from the tripod. It incorporates the latest technology from the Stanton Company, and can be fitted with an optional Dutch Head for creative angles. Also available is 20 Feet of dolly track for stable tracking shots. The Mill Cove Jimmy Jib can be used with any camera weighing up to 50 pounds, and is easily adaptable for film cameras.

Chris Simmons with the Jib

The Mill Cove Video Productions Extreme Jib goes to the Harvard Business School where operator Chris Simmons is directed by producer Tom Ryder for a fund raiser shoot at the school.

Chris Simmons

The Extreme Jimmy Jib

Jib operator Chris Simmons works the giant jib formation in Wickford, Rhode Island.