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Click here to see photos from the Winter Olympics in Torino Italy 2006
Mont Blanc October 2005
Mont Blanc, October 2005:
On a peak in the shadow of Mont Blanc, producer Brian Brown of the NBC Olympic Profile Unit holds on to David Zapatka as he tapes photographs placed in the snow while covering a feature on the 1994 Italian cross country relay ski team. Watch for this and other features during NBC's coverage of the Winter Olympics from Torino, Italy February 11-28, 2006.
Mont Blanc October 2005
Massa, Italy, October 2005:
Tom Brokaw awaits Steadicam operator Allesandro Ruggeri and Chris Simmons to reposition for another take in front of the Castle Aghinolfi in the town of Massa, Italy. The castle was played inportant role in the allies defeat of the German in WWII, and the crew was there filming a story on American was hero Vernon Baker for NBC's Olympic coverage to air during the games in February 2006.
Massa, Italy, October 2005
St. Maries, Idaho:
Zapatka shoots a patriotic barn in Idaho on a story about Vernon Baker, an African American WWII soldier who was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for heroism on the Italian front. He was awarded the medal in 1997 after an investigation revealed no black soldiers were given the proper credit during the campaign. Baker was interviewed during the shoot by NBC's Tom Brokaw and the stroy will air during their 2006 Winter Olympic coverage.
Venice, 2005:
Zapatka shoots Venetian gondolas near the grand canal in March for the NBC Olypic Profile Unit on a story about Eugenio Monti, the driver of the Italian bobsled team during the 60s and his unselfish sportsmanship.
Cortina, Italy 2005:
Eugenio Monti lived in this town in the Dolomite region of the Italian Alps. The 1956 Olympics were held here, and Simmons and Zapatka were shooting for an NBC Olympic Profile story.
Pine Ridge Reservation, 2004:
The crew poses with Olympic Gold medal winner Billy Mills on the Pine Ridge Reservation in 2004. Kneeling are Keith McManus, David Zapatka and producer Brian Brown. Standing are Gil Nobrega, Mills, NBC anchorman Tom Brokaw, and Chris Simmons.
AFC Championship, 2004:
Zapatka stands tall with the Massachusetts Militiamen during the AFC Championship game won by the New England Patriots in January, 2004.
Warsaw, 2004:
Chris Simmons operates the Mill Cove jib while Zapatka and NBC producer Brian Brown look over his shoulder, the scene is at the Underground Memorial in the city. The story was for NBC's Athens Olympic coverage about how a group pf Polish prisoners held their own Olympics in their German run camp in 1944.
Auschwitz/Birkenau 2004:
While covering the Polish prisoner story for NBC, the crew visited and shot at the two concentration camps in Poland.
February 2004:
Chris and Dave at Superbowl XXXVIII in Houston while covering the game for CBS Sports.
January 2004:
Dave and Chris, along with those crazy San Francisco fun boys Phil Ruth and Jeff Daly, enjoy a night of Mexican food in Houston during a break in the action while covering the Superbowl. As we all know, the game was won by Mill Cove's favorite team, the New England Patriots.
Palmer, Alaska, July 2003:
Zapatka and soundman Keith McManus cover the Alaska Baseball League for a story on amateur basball for HBO's "On the Record with Bob Costas." Photo by Stephen Nowers,
2002 Winter Olympics:
Sara James of NBC hangs with the boys at the Women's Bobsled finals at the Olympics in Park City, Utah 2002
US Women's Olympic Hockey team captain Cammy Granato takes some pointers from Chris and Dave before winning a silver medal in the Salt Lake Olympics of 2002. wms_hockey.jpg
October 2001:

Dave and Chris pose in Soldier Hollow, Utah while covering a feature story for NBC on the US Biathalon team, October 2001
Baxter State Park, 2000:

Zapatka discusses the jib move for a Dateline NBC shoot in Baxter State Park in 2000.
September, 2000:

On the "Titanic 2000 Expedition" aboard the Russian research vessel Akademik Keldysh in the North Atlantic with soundman Dan McLellan
Kennedy Islands, Solomon Islands:

On the very spot where John F. Kennedy found himself and his crew members after PT-109 was hit by a Japanese destroyer in WWII, the crew poses with fixer and ex-patriate Danny Kennedy. The story being covered is about how JFK was rescued by Australian "Coast Watchers" and local natives involved in a spy network throughout the Solomon Islands during the war.
Badaling, China:

Zapatka and Simmons visit the Great Wall on their only day off during the 29-day trip.
Tianenmen Square, China:

Simmons and Zapatka enjoy a rare night out while in Beijing.
London, 1997:

Zapatka and soundman Richie Chisholm shoot among the mourners during Princess Diana's funeral in London in 1997.
Galapagos Islands, 1994:

Zapatka and soundman Chris Borgesani hang with the tortoises of the Galapagos Islands for ABC News in 1994.
Jamiacan Bobsled Team, 1991:

Zapatka goofs around with the Jamiacan Bobsled Team and producer Dorrie Klissas, soundman Adan Mosston, and correspondent Bernie Goldberg while doing a feature story on the team for CBS Sports in 1991.