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David Zapatka, Chris Simmons and Mark Leonard traveled to Torino, Italy in
February 2006 to cover the Winter Olympics for NBC Sports
Mont Blanc October 2005
Prior to going to the Olympics, David Zapatka and Chris Simmons traveled to Sundance, Utah to do a shoot with Robert Redford.  After doing an hour long interview, they skiied with the actor getting shots of him skiing for an Olympic feature.

Early in the Olympics, the crew was caught hangin' with snowboarder Seth Wescott, the eventual gold medal winner in bordercross.


The 17 Day crew of intreperter Chiara Carmaletto, driver Patrick Brown, 
assistant Mark Leonard, soundman Chris Simmons, and cameraman David Zapatka
hang at the bottom of the men's slalom course.
Zapatka shoots snowboarder Danny Kass at the media day event before the games.
Zapatka and Leonard catch a quick nap on the back of the crew van, where much of their time was spent traveling between the city and the mountains.
Zapatka holds the Olympic flame in the palm of his hands on a night out in Torino.
Sestrierre at night from the hotel, showing the men's downhill run.
Chiara, Chris and Patrick taka a break while skiing at Sauze D'Oulx on a rare off-day towards the end of the games.
The daytime view of the men's downhill run in Sestrierre.
Zapatka shoots some of the mud that appeared almost daily at most of the
Zapatka with old friend and luge athlete Sam Retrosi. Zapatka's daughter Cara spent 3 years training with the luge team in the late 1990s, and was Sam's roommate for much of her time at the training camps.  
Zapatka goofing "Oh, No, not another speedskating shoot!"  
Zapatka and Simmons at the speedskating venue.  
Tom Brokaw arrived at the Olympics for the second full week, and the 17 Day crew was assigned to be his camera crew.  
Zapatka shooting the skiing freestylers while Brokaw interviews the athletes.  
Simmons bundled up for the night cold at the freestyle venue.  
Mark Leonard on the move heading to a nighttime venue.