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10 Hour Day $1,500
For NYC $1,600
  • 2-man Crew, Non-New York City
  • Full Beta Package
  • Full Audio Package
  • Meal included
  • Overtime for Crew begins after hour 8
  • Overtime Crew Rate is $56.25 per hour, per man
  • Travel Time negotiated
  • Mileage & Expenses not included
  • Extras negotiated (HMI Light, playback deck, power invereter for extreme remote locations, etc.)


   Mill Cove Video Productions offers full on-line Avid editing facilities through a cooperative venture with A & M Productions of Providence, RI.

David Zapatka is a Union Member of IBEW & NABET and is also a member of the NPPA. Chris Simmons is also a Union Member of IBEW & NABET.

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Millcove Business Card

Sony Oxide, 30 minute tapes $24
Sony Metal Oxide, 30 minute tapes $38
HMI Rental (Joker 400) $100
Wireless Microphones $50 each
Wide angle lens Canon 9x5.2 $75
2-Way Radios $50 set
Paint-Box $125
Expanded Audio Package $100
Mileage $.325 per mile
Matte Box/Filters $50
Canon GL-1 Mini-DV Camera $150
High 8 Tapes (120 minute) $15
Toshiba 3ccd Point of View Camera $350
Microdolly $75